A Book of Murder in Notchey Creek

A Book of Murder in Notchey Creek

Premiering in 2022

In book four of the Harley Henrickson Mystery Series, Harley Henrickson follows a trail of murders linked to a rare first edition printing of Jane Eyre. 

It’s springtime in Notchey Creek, Tennessee, and Harley Henrickson is volunteering at the Antiques and Blooms Festival. Antiques line the streets, flowers fill hanging baskets, and festival-goers stand in line, waiting to appraise their treasures. But order turns to frenzied excitement when the town’s controversial new resident, Suzanne Clare, presents a rare first edition printing of Jane Eyre. The book is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, a prize for which many would kill. 

And it appears someone does just that. 

On the following morning, Suzanne Clare is found dead in her mansion, and the book is missing. To Sheriff Jed Turner, the woman’s murder appears to be a clear-cut case of burglary-homicide, but Harley is not so sure. Suzanne Clare had many skeletons in her closet, many enemies among her neighbors.

In the ensuing days, as bodies begin to accumulate and jealousy, passion, and revenge rear their evil heads, Harley discovers that Charlotte Brontë’s rare first edition is indeed a book of murder. 

Includes recipes.